Place 15 High school „ Adam Mitskevich”
Sofia, Bulgaria Time: 15 .12.2010-20.12.2010

 IES Nicolás Estévez Borges, Spain:
 Carmen Nieves Hernández Martín, Carmelo Méndez Quintero, Manuel Jesús Fernández
 Liszt Ferenc Ének-zenei Általános Iskola, Hungary:
 Kakuk Tünde, Radics Erica
 Johannes-Turmair Gymnasium, Germany:
 Peter Krause, Hermann Achmann
 Zespol Szkol nr 10, Poland:
 Malgorzata Wrona, Halina Posylek
 4th Geniko- Likeio Volou, Greece
 Papanikolaou Eleni, Andriani Eleni, Kaniouras Pavlos
Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Angelo Motti, Italy:
 Di Raimo Umberto, Ballarini Silvia
*15 High school „Adam Mitskevich”
 Yulia Yurievna Shivacheva, Daniela Parusheva

Discussion points:

1. Polish meeting conclusions
The Spanish coordinators reported a general satisfaction about both the objectives that have been reached and the activities that have been carried out. The Polish handed out 2 CDs with products collected from all participants during the Polish meeting.

2. Power Point Presentation about Christmas

Video films and PPPs about Christmas were shown. Our students made Christmas cards and some of traditional element of Christmas –survachka.
They did not do the presentation of these cards. They preferred playing active games-volleyball and snowballs..

3. Discussing our future activities for the green day.

Each country suggested two activities for the Green day after second voting we chose two activities for this day:

A. Eco fashion parade with recycle products (has to be done on 11 February and we have to record a video-film or PPs).
B. Planting a Comenius tree (the date will be chosen by each country).

4. Christmas food-tasting

The partners brought in Bulgaria different traditional Christmas dishes.
They were presented and tasted.

5. Topics for the next meeting

We discussed the topics for the Spanish and German meetings.
Each country has to bring to Spain:

1. Traditional clothes from each region or country (teachers and students).
2. Making a book with at least, 5 Regional medical plants. One record per plant including the plant name, a photo, its use, how to prepare it and, if possible, attach a piece of the plant.
3. Each country brings at least 2 plants to prepare tea. (Not medical ones, but to taste them).
4. Green Day video with the activities done in each country.
5. Traditional handmade desserts. Each student brings one handmade dessert, to be tasted by teachers. (Something dry that can be brought inside our luggages).
6. Handmade postcards (DIN A-5-size)- Regional sights of my country. We do a competition in each country and bring the best to Spain. Maximum 7, minimum 5.

6. Topics for Germany

1. Identifying symbols and signs from each region or country. Three postcard with the image of the sign and a brief explanation (2 lines maximum). Size: (DIN A-5-size)
2. Grandma´s recipes II-one dessert per student. (Idem to Spain)
3. Performance of our rap on stage. Spain will prepare a karaoke version
4. Traditional legends performed by students. One or two students from each country will perform one legend (3 or 4 minutes performance)

Having discussed all the point in the agenda, the meeting is closed.

Signature: Signature:
The Coordinator Team The Secretary-
Julia Shivacheva